Insaf Real Estate embarked its journey in 1998 founded by Mr. Tariq Mehmood, it has become one of Islamabad’s most dynamic real estate development and construction entity. After years of mounting success it evolved under the wings of Mr. Usman Tariq and Mr. Mateen Tariq, and got incorporated as BuildCo (Pvt) Ltd in 2018. BuildCo (Pvt) Ltd. specializes in the development of ground-up residential and commercial projects in Islamabad. Its dynamic portfolio ranges from multi-unit commercial buildings, to sprawling corporate oŠce suites, to exclusive residential estates, all superbly designed with the signature of quality workmanship and undeniable value. The company’s management team combines decades of international construction experience, and it carefully oversees every aspect of the development process from land acquisition to all the way through design, marketing, construction and commitment to quality and value. The firm has a keen eye for detail, understands all facets of development, and is hands-on throughout every aspect of the process from beginning to end.

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Our aim is to secure our investor’s capital and to guarantee a sustainable return on investments, BuildCo (Pvt) Ltd. takes pride in its ability to foresee up-and-coming projects and to identify the business opportunities pro-actively. The firm endeavors to exceed of market trends and is in constant pursuit of innovation. BuildCo adheres to a uniquely hands-on experience to real estate development, which results in remarkably refined buildings that continue to outperform the competition.

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From the vibrant ground level plaza to the terraces, private gardens, balconies and lush rooftop work spaces, Costix 

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From the vibrant ground level plaza to the terraces, private gardens, balconies and lush rooftop work spaces, Costix offers an array of amenities …

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Imperial Shopping Center integrates commercial functions at the basement and grounds level with residential units above and an exquisite open-air restaurant at the top. Mediating between the Commercial and Civic/Culture zones, Imperial Shopping Center will be the ‘downtown’ of the community, with shopping outlets and an exciting array of Food & Beverage outlets interspersed with the apartments. The location offers so much in terms of convenience as it is so close to all the action. Just a short distance away you can shop, dine or grab a coffee/tea at nearby cafe scene, jump on a bus to major retail centers or explore the many park lands in the immediate vicinity. Apartment and commercial shops packages like these are highly sought-after because of the many advantages that come with residing in the Imperial Shopping Center and living the dream.

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Mr. Tariq Mehmood Kayani


providing leadership to the board. taking responsibility for the board’s composition and development. ensuring proper information for the board. planning and conducting board meetings effectively. getting all directors involved in the board’s work.

Mr. Mateen Tariq


 A company’s top executive’s duties can be far-reaching and extensive. From deciding on a strategic direction for the company to maintaining awareness of what competitors are doing, CEO is required to lead, manage and operate at a high level to ensure the success of the business.

Mr. Noman Shehzad


Responsible for managing the financial actions of a company. tracking cash flow and financial planning as well as analyzing the company’s financial strengths and weaknesses and proposing corrective actions, oversees the capital structure of the company.